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Experience the reality of the show, in person with Josh Feinberg & Will Murphy. A PROVEN model that Josh & Will have used to build their brokerage, help thousands of brokers, and helped create the first industry reality show, Equipping The Dream!

The How & Why We Started The EXPERIENCE

It became an idea almost immediately after filming of Season 1 of Equipping The Dream. The contestants went home, the camera crew left, the senior finance managers left, and Josh & Will were left at the office. They were fired up, and excited that what they have always dreamed about just took place. They were about to show the entire industry, and potentially the world what they are so passionate about.


They started discussing the possibilities of what could come after the show releases. After a few small ideas, they had a HUGE idea.  Recreate what took place on the show and put it into a real-life experience others could attend. 

It became clear to Josh & Will that some brokers need hands on training when it comes to the business loan broker industry. It is not an easy task to learn the craft of speaking with business owners, epically if your brand new or don't have 5+ years of experience. It is also not an easy task of learning the innerworkings of deals, if you don't have any.

The EXPERIENCE will deliver hands down, the BEST training, knowledge, and hands on mentorship from the best in the industry.

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Who can attend the EXPERIENCE?

You will be feeling the entire experience from the beginning to the end. There will be an application process to attend the EXPERIENCE. Just like the show, Josh, Will, and the Producers hand selected the contestants.  

The EXPERIENCE is for growth minded brokers only.  During our 1 ½ day bootcamp in New Hampshire or Florida, you will learn directly from Josh & Will. You will leave energized and ready to take action on everything you learned.  

The Application Process

1. Complete the online FREE application.


2. Your application will be reviewed and will receive an email within 5-10 business days.

3. If your application has been approved, you will then schedule a zoom meeting with Josh and Will. 

4. After the zoom call, your application will go into final review, and you will be contacted within 2-4 business days with a final decision

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This is a very exclusive, high intensity event.  



Don't Worry. You will only leave here with the best results.



That will have an impact on your brokerage the second you leave.



Zero BS. 

What To Expect At The

Our EXPERIENCE's are taught in person by Josh Feinberg & Will Murphy, and 4 Senior Finance Managers

You will be taught the art of cold calling as a business loan broker through REAL phone call coaching

You will be taught the art of calling UCC's as a business loan broker through REAL phone call coaching

You will be taught the art of calling Aged Leads as a business loan broker through REAL phone call coaching

You will be taught the art of calling new qualified leads as a business loan broker through REAL phone call coaching

You will be paired up with a senior finance manger for the entire EXPERIENCE 

We will walk your through the entire Equipment Financing Process, through actual mock deal examples

You will gain insight into the daily habits that need to be followed in order to succeed

You will get a view into the backend process of underwriting a deal.

You will leave feeling like a WINNER. Not only mentally, but you will also receive a website, crm, leads, and a team behind you!

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Thomas Struggled For 2 Years

Josh figured Out Why, Now He Crushes the phone!

Thomas came onto Equipping The Dream, because he needed help. He has owned his own brokerage for 2 years, and failed. 

Within half a day, Josh was able to figure out the reason, and fix it. Thomas didn't know how to speak the correct way with business owners. 

When utilizing the skills he was taught, his success immediately showed.

Angela Was A Complete Rookie!

Now She Is Motivated To Fund Millions Of Dollars In Deals!

Angela came onto Equipping The Dream as a complete rookie, and she needed help. She spent a lot of money owned her brokerage for 1 year, and because of not knowing how to start, she went to Everlasting for help.. 

Within a day, Josh was able to figure out what she needed to do. Angela didn't know how to speak business owners, in a powerful way. 

When utilizing the skills she was taught, her success immediately gave her confidence to dominate.

RJ Was A Seasoned
Finance Broker!

After Exposing Some Weakness's, He Was Able To Take His Sales Skills To The Next Level!

RJ came onto Equipping The Dream a finance veteran, and he needed to be broke down to show weakness's. He has made a lot of money owning his own brokerage for 10 years, and because of not knowing what to work on, he went to Everlasting for help.. 

Within a couple days, Josh was able to figure out what he needed to do. RJ needed to slow it down, ask more questions then talk, and focus on getting the most at bats by making more calls.. 

When utilizing the skills he was taught, his success was able to get his sales skills to the next level!

Juan Moved From Venezuela, and Spoke Broken English.

Now he understands the pitch, has a new business model, and is becoming a top broker!

Juan came onto Equipping The Dream after 2 years of no success, and he needed to learn the basics of prospecting. When he first showed up it was very difficult for him, especially with English as his second language.

Within a 100  calls, Josh was able to figure out what he needed to do. Juan needed to have confidence, ask more questions then talk, and focus on not speaking over the prospect.. 

When utilizing the skills he was taught, and now a new business model, he is becoming an EXPERT broker, and is growing at a very fast pace.

Who Is Running The 


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Josh Feinberg is the CEO & President at Everlasting Capital. He works across the company to grow Everlasting Capital by focusing on customers, partners, and vendors. Everlasting Capital Specializes in short-term working capital, and Equipment financing.
Before starting Everlasting Capital in November 2012, Josh started his career in the business finance sector in 2010 as a Finance Manager at Direct Capital Corporation located in Portsmouth, NH. (recently bought out by CIT). In early 2011, he left DCC and took a remote position with Balboa Capital Corporation as Regional Sales Manager. In Mid 2011 he left that position. Shortly after, took a position as Internet Sales Manager at We Buy Stuff, a local pawn shop.
Since the inception of Everlasting Capital, Josh has led the company to earn its spot on the Inc Magazine, Inc 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the United States, earn its spot on the Entrepreneur360 list as the most innovative companies in the United States, fund more than $100 Million to Small to Mid-size businesses, help ISO’s & vendors gain access to better terms, and programs for their clients! 
Equipment Broker School 
Josh is also the Co-founder of Equipment Broker School. Equipment Broker School is for anyone and everyone who needs a jump start or a refresher on the art of equipment financing.  This industry is so in depth and can pull you in so many directions that you sometimes lose focus.  This online course will break down and simplify the most difficult tasks and everyday issues faced.  
Josh has also built out other features of the EBS program including lead generation, web design, and CRM solutions.
Equipping The Dream 
Josh starred in the deBanked original reality show ‘Equipping The Dream’. Four aspiring equipment finance brokers traveled to Rochester, New Hampshire last November to get a hands-on sales training from Josh at Everlasting Capital. With a variety of backgrounds and dreams of turning commercial finance sales into a lucrative career, each trainee wasn’t sure what they were in for when a team of mentors and a film crew awaited them inside.

Will Murphy

Will Murphy, born in 1982 in Providence, RI is a natural born entrepreneur. Early on sports was his focus and he learned amazing life lessons as played everything he could in High School. He went to Plymouth State college in 2000 and had a great time (Some say to much fun). He decided college wasn't for him and dropped out in 2005 to begin to really focus on building businesses and helping people along the way. He has owned many businesses over the years, some which have succeeded and some which have failed. His 3 major business success stories come in the form of We Buy Stuff (Pawn Shop) which he opened in 2011, Everlasting Capital which he opened in 2012 and Equipment Broker School which he launched in 2019.


Murphy currently handles all day to day on the operations side while specializing in building out the equipment finance program and industry relationships. Will is a strong believer that with the right mindset and foundation anything is possible for an entrepreneur in 2019. If you have followed his journey, that shows! In 2017 with the support of his amazing team he helped lead Everlasting Capital to the ranks of INC500 and Entrepreneur360. He has been featured in magazines like Debanked, Entrepreneur and NH Business News. Will is willing to help anyone get to the next level and enjoys mentoring and training "newbies" just entering the industry and seasoned "MCA Vets" who want to learn the art of Equipment Financing. That exact mindset plays into the new venture he just helped launch called Equipment Broker School. This School built by brokers for brokers will dive deep into the ins and outs of the equipment industry and will cater to all levels from intro to expert!

Everlasting Capital has gone on to become the top in many business categories hitting benchmarks with various awards in the finance industry including INC500 2 times(2017 and 2019).

In November 2021 Will was a main cast member in the new Reality show "Equipping The Dream" which follows 4 aspiring salespeople as they try to conquer the ins and outs of equipment financing industry. The show includes daily contests in which the contestants compete for a grand prize. Tune in as the take it to the next level!

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Equipping The Dream Yahoo

Don't Take Our Word For It


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*Don't Apply If You Can Say Yes To Any Of The Below Statements


You do not want to grow your sales skills

You cannot handle criticism

You are not motivated

You are not coachable

You have less than $50k Liquid 

You are just a fan of the show

You invest in yourself then do nothing

You are not comfortable on camera


You will receive the exact training, and experience the contestants received on the show. You will get an exact layout to increase your income, your revenue, and enhance your execution with a daily plan. 

The EXPERIENCE is reserved for only FOUR individuals who want to become experts in alternative finance phone sales, how to operate a brokerage, and underwrite deals in house. It lasts for 1 1/2 days every month in Rochester, NH.


Our EXPERIENCE is personally taught by Josh & Will, along with 4 senior finance managers from Everlasting Capital. 

The EXPERIENCE is a deep dive experience that most brokers never experienced. We start at 8:00 am on Friday and end at noon of Saturday.

Everything is top notch, you will literally receive behind the scenes experience. Our office, swag, food, drinks, booked hotel room, out of office activities with Josh & Will, and of course there will be a camera or two that will document the EXPERIENCE. 

Each participant once completed will receive a EBSC certificate.  That stands for Equipment Broker School Certified. You will be able to add that to your LinkedIn, and reference this with future lenders. 

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Everlasting Capital Headquarters Rochester, NH

(Located only 1 hour from Boston International Airport)

The EXPERIENCE will be held at the headquarters office in Rochester, NH. This location provides us the perfect space, and tools to host our 1 1/2 day training, enjoy local food, and drinks, go outside of the office to do fun activities that could include, bowling, hunting, axe throwing, or smoking cigars. Everything is included. Our training begins at 8 am on Thursday and ends by 12 pm on Friday. If flying in from out of town, you should plan to arrive on Thursday night and depart Saturday night.

The hotel room will be booked at Holiday Inn Express & Suites, conveniently located a 1/4 mile from the office.

The only thing you will have to book is your flight and a rental car.

Other than that, you are ready to go!



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